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We have managed over one hundred million dollars in online marketing and have a track record of achieving extraordinary success for major brands on a national level--including Uber, Postmates, Hilton, T-Mobile and Direct TV.

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As traditional brick-and-mortar stores go by the wayside, indirect channels are necessary to push content via websites and social media, also known as inbound marketing. 

At Truth Media, digital specialist Paul Kleen has developed proprietary software known as “Pitchit” out of the need to reach potential customers through various methods to establish and foster connections that lead to conversions. The results have been unparalleled, as this first-response marketing platform has performed above and beyond our client’s expectations. 

Pitchit utilizes AI-powered deal insights to guide the sales process. and streamline sales. Through this innovation, we can provide valuable visibility into current and future deals by incorporating pipeline and forecast analysis. It is highly scalable, with automated sales processes, workflows, and messaging capabilities across seven social media platforms.

Imagine a tool that can locate your target audience through multichannel marketing, utilizing mobile devices, text messaging, email, company websites, search engine optimization, and GPS to track proximity to goods and services. Pitchit Multichannel Marketing combines inbound and outbound tactics to connect with customers on their preferred platforms, offering seven different sites for engagement. 

This approach expands the options for customers to obtain information about products and nurture relationship efforts. The remarkable power of Pitch-it has demonstrated exceptional results for our customers’ bottom line and can do the same for your organization. 

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The lead nurturing process is broken. 

How many fragments of leads do you have across dozens of channels? 

How many leads have gone cold?

Pitchit was birthed out of the necessity to address these challenges. Pitchit dramatically improves call center conversions and improves form fill conversions to start conversations across seven social channels to re-engage inbound callers and nurture relations after the first call ends.

The results are astronomical, and clients have seen as much as a 50% increase in sales. 

UPLOAD YOUR LIsT Of inbound pROspects

Having leads is pointless if they're not converting into revenue. Thankfully, Pitchit CRM offers a centralized platform where you can not only store your leads, but also watch them turn into sales thanks to Pitchit's powerful capabilities!

your list

Pitchit AI enhances your lists and helps you identify the platforms where your target audiences are most active. It also offers recommendations on the best ways to introduce yourself on these channels.


With Pitchit AI, your pitch is customized for the chosen channel and provides suggestions on what to say to engage your audience.

Nurture relationships

Engage in conversations with anyone who responds to you via our multichannel inbox and begin nurturing relationships.

GeT READY FOR More Sales!

Think of Pitchit as your personal sales team, powered by AI to target and engage potential customers, guiding them to a social platform and guiding responses in a language they understand.

Monitor and build!

Pitchit provides tangible and measurable results, allowing you to track the success of your online initiatives and build a lead nurturing machine so you can grow even more!

We will increase your KPIs


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