Connected TV has a staggering reach, with over 78% of U.S. households accessible through this medium. Utilizing OTT advertising is an effective way to connect with these consumers. However, it’s important to remember the role of traditional broadcast television in delivering immediate and timely updates to viewers. Whether traditional or digital, television offers a chance to engage a wide audience and establish new customer connections and awareness. Truth Media will find you the best fit and plan for your brand. 



Breakthrough the clutter!

SHowcase your story!

Strengthen your brand! 

Increase brand recognition! 

Strengthen connections with potential customers!

Create a sense of urgency! 


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In just a few short steps we will craft a targeted advertising campaign for your business that will bring results.

Book a free fact-finding consultation with us where we can get to know more about you and your vision for growth.


After learning about who you are and what your vision for growth is, we will begin to work on a targeted media plan aligned to your budget with an emphasis on success in reaching your core audience.


Once we have agreed upon the right media plan, we will begin to craft your message to reach your core audience with a strong call to action.


We will launch your campaign and monitor for insights and modifications that will bring success. As growth occurs, we will continue to develop expanded opportuinites for you to broaden your success.

multichannel Media
the power of VIDEO--tv/ctt/ott

WHY Is a media mix IMPORTANT? #1

By leveraging the unique strengths of different marketing platforms, you can efficiently communicate the value of your product or service to tell your story well. A variety of media ensures that brands are not solely relying on one channel to reach their target audience and are able to better allocate their marketing budget for a strong ROI. Video marketing can be a very powerful addition to your current marketing portfolio.

THe power of video #2

Video is a powerful tool to add to your marketing mix. 95% of people are more likely to retain what they have seen compared to only 10% from written advertisements. Whether it's Streaming, Social, TV, CTV, OTT, or just for your website, video takes your message to the next level.
Our team is highly skilled in creating high-quality and impactful video content that will leave a lasting impression on audiences and bring a strong R.O.I.


Television advertising remains a highly effective method for businesses to stand out, connect with a significant audience, establish trust, generate brand recognition, increase phone call volume, and drive traffic to both their website and store.
TV advertising can be costly, so we suggest considering other options first. However, as your reach and influence grow, it can be a valuable next step.

OTT #4

OTT stands for "over-the-top" and refers to technology, services, or platforms that utilize internet and smart phone capabilities. On average, people spend more than 3 hours on their phones daily and check them an average of 58 times per day. By creating targeted and impactful video content, you can effectively reach your audience and elevate your message to new levels.

CTV #5

Connected TV advertising refer to ads that are delivered through internet-connected TV devices such as Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and others. With CTV, our clients have the power to target their desired audiences based on interests, demographics, and key characteristics. CTV also offers a cost-effective solution for reaching larger screens without breaking the bank .

social media stream #6

Did you know that video advertisements on social media have a 23 times higher view rate compared to standard image ads? A well-produced video has the power to grab your target audience's focus, inform them about your business and what you offer, and motivate them to engage with your brand. This approach has been highly successful in generating leads and driving conversions for businesses.


A multichannel marketing strategy provides greater reach and exposes your brand to multiple audiences. By incorporating various marketing channels into a cohesive plan, your company can tap into new markets, enhance brand awareness, and ultimately see a higher return on investment. Our strategy for your business is to gradually cultivate each platform until your brand flourishes on all fronts.


Similar to a well-balanced financial portfolio, a diverse marketing portfolio involves utilizing various methods and strategies to reach a wide range of audiences. Without continuously reaching new audiences, your business will eventually become stagnant and fall behind. Our approach is to maintain the relevance and visibility of your brand to the masses on multiple platforms.


Marketing metrics provide key customer insights and provide important information about your potential customers. By learning of your customers habits and behaviors, we can determine the best channels to connect with them with, and craft effective messaging to convert them into paying customers.
As well, by following analytics carefully, we can strategically optimize your campaigns as we move along, and expand with proven tested data.

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At Truth Media Services, our goal is to share your vision and excitement with the world! We specialize in taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary.