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“In the face of impossible odds, people who love their country can change it.”


"Truth Media's negotiation skills are second to none. They ensure their clients receive optimal value, while building positive relationships with their media partners. 

Their team prioritizes client's goals above all else and their dedication to achieving results is unwavering.

Their profound understanding of both broadcast and digital media landscapes enables them to navigate complex challenges effortlessly and their insights drive effective decision-making.

Truth Media's creative flair breathes life into campaigns. They think outside the box, write effective copy, craft innovative strategies that resonate with audiences.

In the ever-changing media landscape, Truth Media stands out. I wholeheartedly recommend their services." 

Cumulus Media

Sr. Sales Executive

"In my 25 years of selling broadcast and digital media advertising, I’ve never worked for a finer group of professionals as Sarah Wagner and Kathy Nicholas of Truth Media. They go above and beyond for their clients. Their approach to negotiating is tough, but fair--they truly understand the meaning of a “true partnership”. 

Truth Media follows through with every aspect of account management, from accounting to managing their clients’ direct response analytics. Truth Media never misses a beat.

Sarah and Kathy vigorously work to optimize each campaign for a successful outcome, always!  I wish all our agency partners would perform at this level for their clients. Truth Media is truly a breath of fresh air."

Premiere Networks, Division of IHeart

Vice President of National Platform Sales

PreBorn!--America’s largest and most effective pro-life organization. Our growth in funding invisibility is in large part due to the strategic partnership we have enjoyed with Truth Media Services.

Our long-standing relationship has demonstrated their willingness to apply their expertise beyond that which is required. We have experienced a true partnership, where they are committed to the results and mission of our organization. Beyond performance, the personal touch in our dealing with both Kathy and Sarah have reflected a customize service switch feels like a boutique ad agency but performs like a national marketing provider.

I could extrapolate more, but take this as my personal recommendation that your relationship with Truth Media will transform your organization.


Founder, President, Chairman

Claire Kenney

“By working with Info Age, we’ve gained access to radio as a marketing channel.
Leveraging this medium has resulted in direct return for our stores.”

Claire Kenney

Marketing Communications at Big City Optical


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At Truth Media Services, our goal is to share your vision and excitement with the world! We specialize in taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary.